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[kanji] Various updates to

I've made the following changes to the site.

Removed the "minidic.cgi" dictionary facility

The old "minidic.cgi" kanji dictionary facility which displayed similar information to the current HTML-based dictionary has been removed completely from the remote executable on the web site.

It had been available as a direct URL, but there were no incoming links to it from the kanji website.

It's now completely deleted from the source code. I also deleted the old "load-log" stuff which was deactivated around 2012.

Removed the notice about the link change from 2019

The notice on the Japanese pages about the link change which dated from July 2019 has been removed.

Removed some old image files

Old image files were removed from the server. These had not been in use for several years. The current images all use a version number, which is currently 1.

Changed the JavaScript to use JSON.parse

The JavaScript has been altered to use the now-standard JSON.parse method of browsers to parse server responses. This was not available in 2007 when I started

A CSS problem was fixed.

The CSS of the pages seems to have erroneously had spaces inserted into CSS pseudoelements like ":hover" so they had become ": hover" and so on. This problem is now resolved.

JavaScript/CSS version up

The JavaScript and CSS are now using version number 43. Versions 41 and 42 are still on the server for the time being but will be removed in due course.

CSS tidied up

I've made a new Perl module which tidies CSS files.

I've put this to use tidying up the CSS of

Future plans for 2021

Some time this year I will be replacing the old server code completely with the new server which has been under development at

The support in the qhanzi server is mostly done but there are some pieces left to complete, mostly the messy bits involving converting data from one format to another. (It's not currently possible to access the support from, although the server part is in that binary.)

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