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Added SKIP for ones missing from Kanjidic2

For kanjidic2.xml of 1 February 2021, there are 13108 characters in total but only 12156 have SKIP codes, so I've computed SKIP codes for the remaining ones here:

Missing SKIP codes as JSON

Missing SKIP codes as HTML

The fuchsia-coloured ones are the ids-no-decomp ones which may be wrong.

The pale pink ones are the ones I did "by hand". The others were all generated automatically.

I used the stroke counts from the Unihan database for this work.

The ids-no-decomp ones are all set to 4-*-4 but they might be 4-*-1 or other. The by-hand ones are ones I did myself. The others were all computed in an automated fashion from the IDS data, using the J (Japanese) decomposition where it was available.

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