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[qhanzi] Backups overflowing

My TB hard discs were filling up, I had to spend an hour or so trying to work out what was causing the problem. It turned out that the error log for the qhanzi web server was incrementally being copied onto the backup hard disc every hour, and the log was GB sized.

My incremental backup software has lots of hardwired things in it so it wouldn't be very useful for anyone else as it stands, but perhaps I can strip out the local things and turn it into some kind of useful general module the way that I have been doing with other local things.

[opinion] Unwanted sexual attention and transgender pronouns

I won't sign up for a web site which makes me make irrational promises. How can someone promise not to give another person "unwanted sexual attention"? Whether sexual or other attention is or is not wanted cannot be known in advance, in the same way that it's impossible to correctly guess someone's "pronoun choices" in advance. Yet these irrational promises are part of conditions added to some web sites such as

A friend's daughter who works in a local shop has been getting some "unwanted sexual attention" from a customer and it seems to be a serious problem. However, we don't hang a sign in front of the shop and require customers to press a button saying they won't give the staff "unwanted sexual attention" or that they will try to use the correct "gender pronouns" to refer to the staff, since such promises are completely meaningless.

Imagine such a button existed. All the person had to do is to press the button and then go right in and give the unwanted sexual attention. And even if he had pressed the button, how would he know that his attention was unwanted until he had given it? In this actual case it seems he is a completely deluded person.

We can't anticipate every problem in advance. The people who made these nutty Codes of Conduct are probably well intentioned. But they're trying to prevent non-problems from occurring by making people make ridiculous and insincere promises.

[perl] JSON::Create::PP still has some problems

There is some kind of problem converting the "true" but not the "false" value of JSON::Parse in the Perl-only version of JSON::Create::PP.

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