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[faq] Link check mostly done

All of the external links on the pages have been checked, and most of them have been corrected. The remaining unchecked ones are links to a university server,, which seems to be partly down, and links to old sci.lang.japan posts on Google Groups, where the old link was replaced with a new format which is not using the same ID numbers, so needs to be individually changed.

[faq] Removed and altered links

I've done quite a lot of work on updating the links, such as changing from http to https where necessary. Some sites such as the kanken dictionary site moved their URL with redirects, and some of the Japanese government sites moved their URL without redirects. Here are some notable things which changed: disappeared

The domain seems to have disappeared from the internet around January 2020. There were five links from various FAQ pages to jeKai's pages, which are now links to the pages on

Japan Channel Forum

I've removed a link to "the Japan Channel" forum since it seems to be defunct; the login page shows nothing and the last forum posts seem to be from several years ago.


I've removed, I'm not too surprised this site has disappeared, as has, a user-contributed grammar site.

I probably should never have linked to either of these sites, since it was clear they were destined to burn out after a short while after the people who made them got bored of them.

Monash University links

The links to are now all going to

Wasei kanji page

The 和製漢字の辞典 page seems to have gone out with the whole of the domain, and there is no link due to having blocked it.

Tofugu kokuji page

For some reason the tofugu page

is redirected to a page about onyomi now, so I've linked to an copy of the original article.

[cpan] New module WWW::LinkRot

I've turned the script for updating links into a CPAN module, WWW::LinkRot.

[lemoda] Some links updated

I used lemoda as a testbed for the above CPAN module and fixed up some of the old links from

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