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Kanjidic2.xml version 2021-02-02
This page's creation date and time 2021-02-02 17:52

This page consists of suggested corrections to the SKIP data of kanjidic2.xml.

Pink elements have already been altered to match the suggestions.

The links on the kanji go to the WWWJDIC kanjidic at the web site.

Kanji SKIP Suggestion Discussion
2-10-4 1-10-4 The 10-4 suggests that this is a typo for 1-10-4.
2-2-6 3-1-7 This doesn't look like 2, the top-right line is one line, and so it probably should be 3-1-7.
2-1-4 4-4-4 There is no distinct one-stroke part of this, let alone one stroke which is above the rest.
2-2-9 3-2-9 If this is because 首 is 2-3-6, it seems odd that the upper count has changed to 2. Also the character seems to naturally break into left-below and upper-right pieces. So this looks like a typo for 3-2-9.
2-2-3 3-2-3 Hard to think that this is other than a typo for 3-2-3.
2-3-10 1-11-2 I have not been able to identify that there is a variant form of this kanji with the kusakanmuri above the tana-rittou as the current SKIP code seems to imply.
1-12-13 1-12-13 This doesn't split into top and bottom parts very well but even if we insist on splitting it like that then the numbers here, 8 and 17, are very obviously wrong, because the "rain" element on the left top has 7 strokes and the "love" element on the right has 9.
2-12-12 1-11-13 It might be possible to split it into above (大口口) and below (者早) parts, but if so the numbers 12 and 12 don't make sense. Left/right split makes much more sense here.
2-13-2 4-15-4 This definitely does not split into above and below pieces, the topmost stroke goes right down to the bottom of the kanji.
2-8-4 1-7-4 This is not above-below splittable at all, also the stroke count seems wrong, this seems to have eleven strokes.
2-3-6 4-9-3 This doesn't split into above and below, and it seems to fit the 4-*-3 pattern of line through the centre.
1-3-4 2-4-3
1-2-4 2-2-4
1-14-4 2-11-7
1-9-5 2-9-5
1-3-6 2-3-6
1-6-6 2-6-6
1-3-6 2-6-3
1-4-3 2-4-3
1-10-4 2-10-4
1-3-15 2-14-4 Or 2-12-6 if we split above the 人 part.
1-11-4 2-11-4
1-2-5 2-2-5 Or 2-3-4
1-6-2 2-6-2
1-3-7 2-6-4
1-8-3 3-8-3 Other characters with a 門 element are 3- not 1-, for example 問 is 3-8-3.
1-7-4 3-4-7 Other similar characters are 3- not 1-. For example 式 is 3-3-3. Also the enclosing part should be first, so 4-7 not 7-4.
1-3-4 3-4-3
3-2-2 4-4-4 This isn't an enclosure, since all four strokes intersect with one another.
2-3-8 4-10-2 This doesn't seem to be a 2- structure since the diagonal line goes from the very top to the left and underneath the "furutori" (隹) structure. I guess it is 4-10-2 due to the bottom line, like 隹 itself, which is 4-8-2. As far as I can tell there are only 10 strokes in this character. All the websites I have checked against say 10 except for ones which are derived from kanjidic.
1-11-11 2-2-8 1-10-12 2-11-11 The 2-2-8 seems obviously wrong. But the 1-11-11 also doesn't make sense. The top part of this is symmetrical and so clearly must have an even number of strokes, 10, and similarly for the bottom with 12.
1-9-8 3-8-9
1-9-6 3-6-9
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